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Raven by Edgar Allan Poe : Modern Adaption

Hey Guys for my second post I will be putting up a modern adaption on the Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

Hope You enjoy it, don’t forget to follow this blog and like this post. Thank You!!!

It’s funny how things change so quickly. One minute it’s fine and the next it’s not. It all started the night my best friend went missing.



“That’s a pretty sunset,” I say


“Quick take a photo” Aly orders


“I don’t have my phone”


“I’ll run back to the house and get mine, I don’t have it either,” She says turning around and running back through the forest


Aly and I were on a walk through the forest to get away from her brothers and his friends who had overrun the house


As minutes passed and the sun finally set I was scared that Aly had left me alone. So I turned around and walked back through the forest. I rubbed my arms to warm them up from the cold air. I kept walking as night set in and it got cold and dark. Every step I took the forest got darker and trees looked more wicked.


A crackle of broken sticks made me jump in fright


“Aly” I called “is that you”


I was meet with nothing but cold hard silence. Blood pounded in my ears and my heart beat way to fast


I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, a sudden feeling made me turn around and there was a black rabbit staring at me. A movement in the corner of my eye startled me and there was another black rabbit. As I turned back around I expected to see both rabbits, but I only saw one. I realised that it was the same rabbit.


I turned and sprinted tripping and falling over tree branches and roots. The rabbit disappeared and reappeared in trees bushes and right in front of me. When it didn’t appear again I stopped. The forest had an eerie silence to it, there was not a sound, not even the wind blowing in the trees or the birds flapping their wings. As I took in my surroundings I realised the worst possible truth, I was lost.

My eyes stung with unshed tears and a cry escaped my lips. I wondered if I would ever get home and I’d done deserve this.


The rabbit appeared in front of me and from its nuzzle came the words “nevermore”


A scream erupted from it making me cover my ears due to the amplitude of it. I felt like my ears were bleeding as I stumbled away from the rabbit. The further I ran the quieter the rabbit got. But I couldn’t ignore the ringing in my ears and the pounding of my head.


A voice from behind says


“You will escape this forest nevermore”


The sight from behind me brings a scream from my lips that hangs in the heavy air for the rest of eternity.