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My favourite way to read

I love to read, but it’s hard when you can’t seem to concentrate. Heres a list of things that I love to do to help me read. Maybe they can help you too.

Comfy Spot

The first step is to find a spot that makes you feel comfortable. It can be a cozy bed or chair. It can be on a beach or anywhere you feel good outside. I like to read in the comfort of my own bedroom on my bed with lots of pillows.


It may sound odd but listening to music can really help you get into the mood of reading. There’s a playlist on Spotify called weekend plus friends, this is the playlist that really helps me read. I recommend you check it out sometime.


When reading you can never go wrong with a classic old lukewarm cup of tea. But on a hot day, there’s always the option for fizzy sparkling water.

Well, here are my tips and tricks. I hope you liked my first blog post.

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I'd add warmth and snacks. Music can be distracting, so I listen to classical music when I read so I have some background noise that allows me to concentrate

23rd Mar, 19

all the cosy vibes

2nd Apr, 19